PGK Basil McNaughton

History of PGK Basil Donald McNaughton Cl 24 Benoni.

Born                      19/08/1937 (83 years old)

Married Gail       01/09/1962 (57 years)

Cl 24 Benoni History:

Chronological order

Initiated at Benoni  31/07/1973  (47 years)

Offices held:

MAA      1976/80 - 4 years

GK          1980/82 - 2 years

CH          1982/83

AD          1983/84

St Patrick’s Church - Benoni :

Minister of Holy Communion: From 1991 to 2021

St Patrick’s Sunday Choir: From 1991 to 2021


 – Benoni Country Club - Golf President and Club President

Br Basil was a man of few words, but when he spoke they were words of wisdom and direction.  He was always a willing assistant in the order and his devotion to the order was very visible and he played a pivotal role in all our Ritual Investitures and Elevations. 

Br Basil’s participation in the Benoni Country Club was well appreciated.  He loved his Golf and he was a dedicated player.

Br Basil is survived by his children Clinton and Donald and Grandchildren.

Br Basil went to his resting place on 25th June 2021 to be with his dearly beloved wife Gail


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